In the Frame: Paul Stangroom

Paul Stangroom


Paul Stangroom is a local artist based in Prudhoe who we’ve had the pleasure of working with for many years. His paintings offer a fantastic insight into the wilds of the North (although he does travel further afield) and we got the chance to sit down with him late last year to find out why he does what he does!


What inspires you to paint?

Certain places, rural and urban, create a resonance, and I paint them to understand why. That’s basically it.


In The Frame Paul Stangroom
Ruined Cottage


What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a Carrara mountain painting right now, following a visit to Tuscany with my partner Alison. That painting is almost finished and I’ve recently started to paint a landscape that has been tweaking at me for years, of Colt Craig Reservoir, just above Great Swinburne in Northumberland.


Do you have a favourite piece of art? If so, why do you love it?

There’s a Rembrandt self portrait in the National Gallery, Edinburgh, that I am particularly fond of, and also a Velazquez – “An Old Woman Frying Eggs”.


What’s the importance of framing? How does it affect the overall artwork?

I’m looking forward to seeing my Carrara mountain painting framed. It’s the final presentation of the work itself, helps to isolate it from the world around, and acts as a window through which to view the painting. The frame and glass also provide protection against dust and dirt.

In The Frame Paul Stangroom
Stanley Burn


What do you look for in a picture framer?

A very high standard of workmanship is key. And it’s important that the framers listen carefully to your requirements, which Frame House professionals do.


Why do you like working with The Frame House?

The Frame House offer very good, expert advice and I’ve always had excellent service.


If you’d like to see more of Paul’s work then click here and take a look at his website.

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