Our Unique Approach

quality picture framing

Our History

The Frame House is a family owned business that are pleased to be celebrating 30 years in the industry! What began as a small venture by Paul Herron and Eileen Ryan, who simply wanted to provide the local community with a quality picture framing service, has since grown to become the first stop for artists, corporate clients and the general public both locally and nationally. We have worked tirelessly over the years to build our brand and reputation and have been fortunate to work with a diverse and prestigious range of clients such as Harrods, Fenwicks, Helen McCardle and Alexander Millar, along with local artists George Skelton, Michael James and Matthew Ellwood, to name but a few.

Our Skills

We have highly skilled and dedicated staff working on each framing project, many of whom have been part of the team for nearly 20 years. They are always on hand to offer expert advice on any aspect of your framing needs and will meet all of your individual requirements with professional advice and flair to achieve the best possible result. Our care and attention to detail is what makes us stand out from the crowd, we never compromise on quality.

Whether it is supplying framing and prints to artists both locally and nationally, custom and ready-made frames to the general public or providing frames and pictures for corporate clients The Frame House strives for perfection.

quality picture framing


Always ready to help and knowledgeable.

Tom Murphy

Fantastic range of mouldings and very prompt and efficient service.

Sue Malkin, Artist

Excellent service with great care for exacting artists.

G. Hutchinson