In The Frame: Diane Gainey

In The Frame: Diane Gainey


In the frame this week is Diane Gainey of the Viridian Gallery in Cumbria. We’ve worked with Diane for too many years to count now and hope there’ll be many more to come as it’s always a pleasure! Diane specialises in watercolours using the beautiful scenery in the Lake District as some of her inspiration but also travels around the North capturing the beauty of local landmarks.

It was a joy to interview her as her passion for art and painting shine through her words and made us fall in love with her work all over again.


Diane Gainey
Bamburgh Castle


What inspires you to paint?

Even as a child I was driven by some internal force that I didn’t understand, to capture what I saw and felt around me. That emotional connection with my work is as essential now as my knowledge of my medium. I have an intense fascination for atmosphere and find that the translucency and sensitivity of watercolour, is my ideal medium for capturing these illusive images.

I continue to be inspired and influenced to paint in a response to the drama, wildness, beauty, light and colour of the landscape around me – or sometimes even just a memory of an image I glimpsed.


What are you working on right now?

I am constantly working on new originals for my gallery, Viridian in Cumbria, and extending my Limited Edition Print Portfolio. In addition, at present I am trying to put a collection of new Scottish paintings together for The Holroyd Gallery in Ballahulish.


Do you have a favourite piece of art? Why do you love it?

I have two original watercolour paintings of the late Walter Parker that I cherish. Walter was principle of Hartlepool Art College when I attended, and I was fortunate enough to count him as an inspiration, friend and mentor in the following years.


Diane Gainey
Rydal Water


What’s the importance of framing? How does it affect the overall artwork?

Sympathetic Framing of any subject is crucial to the final effect achieved. You can enhance a weak image by – well – framing it, whilst just as easily destroy a strong image by – badly – framing it. Recognising what style of framing will work best for both the image – and the environment it will hang in is often important. The framer needs to know when to use traditional mouldings and when to be contemporary, minimalistic or a little more adventurous. Knowing when to over or under frame is an art in itself.


What do you look for in a picture framer?

I look for a reliable, competent picture framer who is up to date with current framing trends and carries a comprehensive range of mouldings, mounts etc. -They need to be prepared to understand what I am trying to achieve with my work, whilst also advising and making suggestions that I may not have considered.


Why do you like working with The Frame House?

I have used The Frame House for longer than I care to remember and find their friendly delivery service such a bonus to my business. I know I can rely on them to provide realistically priced, quality frames for all of our framing needs, allowing us to keep our prices equally reasonable for the benefit of our customers. I also know they are at the end of the phone with helpful advice and ideas should we need it.


Diane Gainey
Time For Bed


If you’d like to know more about Diane and see more of her work check out her website.


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