Passionate About Art: Dedicated to Quality

Passionate About Art: Dedicated to Quality


Contemporary, classic or ornate – The Frame House, supreme in its class, offers the largest range of high quality frames in the North East. Using materials sourced from England, Spain and Italy, and embracing changing trends in fashion and interior design, they have been able to provide a premier picture framing service for more than 30 years.

Owners Paul Herron and Eileen Ryan began with a vision of supplying an unequalled picture framing service for North East England which inspired them to begin the small, family-run business. Their attention to detail and dedication to customers has made them first stop for world-renowned clientele such as international artists Alexander Millar, Ashley Jackson and Jesus Andreu as well as interior designers HomeSmiths and Helen McArdle, whilst never forgetting the original vision of serving the community.

Alexander Millar - Passionate About Art
Alexander Millar – Under The Umbrella


“Art in any form, be it a priceless painting or a treasured possession is essential in every household,” says Paul. “It can evoke feelings of nostalgia, a happy memory or a poignant depiction of an era long gone such as in Remembrance Artist, Jacqueline Hurley’s War Poppy Collection.” The simple black frame and triple mount with a hint of red all serve to show off and highlight the image, while the hand finishing with the barbed wire creates a stark contrast. “Our aim is to provide a frame that complements the piece and is the thread that binds the work together,” Paul adds.

Jacqueline Hurley - Passionate About Art
Jacqueline Hurley – War Poppy Collection

The Fine Art GiclĂ©e printing service was created 10 years ago in order to truly serve the needs of artists and offer a service above and beyond. It incorporates meticulous colour correction, reproducing subtle variations and colours impossible with other technologies, ensuring the prints are as identical as possible to the original piece. Eileen says, “Art is part of our clients’ souls, we have to be true to their vision.”

With highly skilled and dedicated staff working on each framing project, many of whom have been part of the team for over 20 years, your experience with The Frame House will be first rate.


“Quality is at the forefront of everything we do and we are never satisfied with anything less than perfection.”


This article first appeared in Arts, Antiques & Collectibles, the annual supplement from The Sunday Telegraph, 11th March 2018.


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