David Welsh

David Welsh, also known to us as the Painter of Provence, has been a customer for many, many years now. He spends half of his time living in France painting the gorgeous scenery and then comes back to the North East to have them framed for exhibitions. It’s an absolute treat to see him and we love spending time framing his work.

With the joys of the internet we were able to get David to answer a few questions for us about his inspirations, favourite art pieces and why he comes to us over all the other framers. Thanks David!


What inspires you to paint?

Living in Provence with amazing landscapes in every direction, and knowing you are in the same area where Cézanne, Van Gogh and many other Proven?$B!x(Bal painters lived and worked. Apart from that, I remember my tutor Dave Bardon telling me to, “paint from your heart lad!” and that has always stuck with me. Also, to paint with passion.


What are you working on right now?

I have just finished a painting called “La Lumiere du Soir” (Evening Light). It was painted in the wild Provençal countryside not far from where we live.


David Welsh: In the frame
La Lumiere du Soir



Do you have a favourite piece of art? If so, why do you love it?

Most of my favourite works come from the Impressionist era and the ones that always come to mind are Edgar Degas, “The Absinthe Drinker”, the original title was “Dans un Café”. My other favourite is by Paul Cézanne, “The Card Players”. I love these because you can almost feel their very thoughts.


David Welsh: In the Frame
The Card Players


David Welsh: In the Frame
The Absinthe Drinker


What’s the importance of framing? How does it affect the overall artwork?

The importance of framing is to protect your favourite piece of work but also to enhance that same piece by bringing both together and allowing one to compliment the other, whilst giving vibrancy and life to your painting.


What do you look for in a picture framer?

1 – One who listens to your story, and will give good advice.

2 – Has an excellent choice of mouldings or can get what would suit your work ASAP.

3 – Competitive pricing


Why do you like working with The Frame House?

Because they meet all my framing needs and are a tremendous team to work with.



To see more of David’s work, do have a look on his website http://www.davidwelsh-artist.com/



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